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Back when the Covid-19 lockdown started, Jeff Shaw & Keith Larsen were rooming together and hatched an idea to do a spinoff podcast centering it's focus on Rod Serling's anthology series, "Twilight Zone"; one of the pair's favorite television shows of all-time.

Of course, the best laid plans always end up taking some time to pan out, but they finally got their act together and began the journey of covering all 156 episodes of the Golden Age classic.

Each episode will feature a real-time commentary as Jeff & Keith watch each episode of the show, and summarizing each with a review at the conclusion. New podcast episodes will be released every Saturday morning on most major podcast aggregators.

There will be special guests added along the way, as well as some special episodes that will put the focus on some of the masterminds behind the Zone, beginning with the genius himself, Rod Serling. So, buckle up and take a journey into the unknown, the fantastic, the supernatural and take your imagination along for the ride into the nostalgic.


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