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The Covidiots Keep Moving Ahead

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Until Governor Lamont here in the fair state of Connecticut allows dining in restaurants again (and we are thinking a few more weeks), we here at the new Pizza and Pop Culture Show have decided to brave the world of Zoom video chats and continue to generate content on time as planned.

Yes, it's true. All of the vast amounts of useless knowledge and ridiculously unimportant anecdotes that we would normally bring to you from the "Cheers of Pizza" will now be recorded from our separate dwellings until we can come together again.

What does it mean? Not much. There just won't be the environment and occasional unplanned-for-moment that comes with recording in a restaurant open for business, but we'll do our best to come close!

So, episode 3 was delivered on April 27th as scheduled. The next few release dates will be:

May 11th & May 25th. Here's to hoping out June 8th show is back where it belongs: East Side Pizza in Wallingford, CT!

Stay safe everyone, and we'll be here for ya' building a brand. -- Keith Larsen

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